How to use textured wall coverings to great effect

How to use natural textured wallpapers to great effect

Sometimes when you are looking for wallpaper you can feel overwhelmed at the choice available, particularly when it comes to textured wallpaper. Textured wallpaper not only comes in many different colours and hues, but also in a range of patterns and designs which can make choosing the right one doubling tricky and a task in itself.

Textured wallpapers

The great thing about textured wallpaper is that the vast majority can be painted too; so if you do want to change your colour scheme, but wish to retain the patterns on the wall you can do this easily a number of times before you have to think about replacing the wallpaper itself.

Textured wallpapers are a superb design solution when you are dealing with a small space or narrow piece of wall; they can also be used to great effect on ceilings. They draw the eye to them and can make rooms appear bigger or even grander with the right design; they help the eye compartmentalise the room which literally makes it “easier on the eye”.

Textured wallpaper is great to use for boarders in larger rooms and accent walls too (and this is particularly effective in smaller rooms too). Studies and powder rooms can really benefit from the contrast of an accent wall covered in stylish textured wallpaper; it adds character to the room and makes smaller rooms feel less enclosed.

Textured wallpaper can also give you the effect of another surface. You can get high quality wood-look textured wallpapers which can give you the wood effect at a fraction of the cost. You can also get textured wallpaper which will give you a freshly plastered, smooth look and even plaster embossed paintable textured paper; this type of paper will give your home a real rustic feel.