Aarnio Inspired Egg Pod Chairs

Height : 140 cm

Width : 90 cm

Depth : 72 cm

Please check before purchasing that this product will fit into your property.

They will fit  through a standard door opening of 72 cm.

Please note these are now made to order with a 10 to 12 week lead time.


Eero Aarnio’s amazing Egg Pod and Globe Chairs continue to  be a very popular choice for design conscious customers and have a special place in the hall of fame for such an innovative and bold design.

There’s something mesmerizing about these chairs , which draws you in and makes you want to sit and relax in it. The design is so clever and once in it you can hardly believe how peaceful it feels and cuts out a lot of ambient noise.

We have a great choice of  bold fabric colours for you to choose from, so you can choose your perfect egg.

Aarnio’s Egg Pod Chairs  is a perfect partner for a modern contemporary home or if you are looking to go retro.

The shell has  a pure white fibreglass gloss finish with a full swivel mechanism and durable and bold selection of interior fabric options.

Please note these are now a made to order product with a 10 to 12 week lead time.


Red Fabric, Black Fabric, Green Fabric, Orange Fabric, Blue Fabric