Coconut Chair

Product Dimension

Height : 93cm
Width : 82cm
Depth : 101cm


George Nelson is responsible for some timeless classic furniture designs and this is certainly one of them. The Coconut chair lends a simplistic statement of form and bold style synonymous with the 1950s and 60s. Not only great to look at, the Coconut is a comfortable sitting option made for functionality as well as it’s great looks! A real must for anyone serious about furniture and design.

Instead of looking for a shape functionally equivalent to the human body, Nelson made a memorable symbolic statement that introduced a new, deliberately easy going type of sitting! He was without doubt the most articulate and one of the most eloquent voices on design in the 20th century. He was a teacher and a writer, publishing several books. Among his best known designs are his marshmallow sofa, the coconut chair and his clocks together with many other products that became milestones in the history of a profession that he helped to shape

The chair is constructed using polished stainless steel wire base with a re-enforced fibreglass shell covered in soft foam and a full Italian leather.


Black Leather, Brown Leather