Flux Chair

Product Dimension:

Height : 850mm
Width : 620mm
Depth : 640mm

Height : 410mm
Width : 850mm
Depth :15mm


The Amazing Flux Chair by the extremely talented Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten a formidable pairing who’s ultimate goal was to create a new generation of portable furniture with a very design led element to it.

Their amazing efforts have been rewarded with the launch of the Flux Chair, winner of a 2011 Grand designs Award.

This is not only a versatile and stylish designer chair,but also has a vast amount of positives with regards to it’s space saving properties. This saves valuable floor/storage space allows you to sit down wherever you like. The Beach,the park, you decide.

The Flux also has green credentials and is made from recycled plastic a sustainable resource for a happier planet. It comes in 8 fantastic colours and is available with or without a cushion. The Flux Chair is as happy outdoors as indoors which gives this design classic even more appeal.