Tulip Armchair

Product Dimension:

Height : 82cm
Width : 50cm
Seat Height : 43.5cm


These amazing chairs would transform any living space into cutting edge space age design despite the fact Eero Saarinen first designed this way ahead of its time in the 1950s! These beautiful organic shapes look truly stunning and would be a lavish talking point for any modern, contemporary or simply stylish home!
The chairs have die-cast aluminium bases with full swivel mechanisms and tops made from polypropylene. The chairs are true in form to the original design and are resistant to cracks and chips unlike other inferior reproduction models available. Each chair comes with a thick, comfortable and fully washable seat cushion.

Eero Saarinen designed the Tulip range in the 1950’€™s, at the peak of his career. He developed the Tulip series as part of his designs for €œorganic furniture with which he aimed to restore formal order to the interior setting. Ever since his time working with Charles Eames, he found a fascination creating €œorganic furniture, that is furniture in a single form made from a single material. Saarinen’€™s vision was to free the interior space from the “sea of legs” that he thought created visual clutter. While his ideal was to construct his individual Tulip pieces from a solitary piece of moulded plastic, it was soon realized that it would be difficult to execute. Instead he focused on the graceful form and made the sacrifice of having an aluminium base that was necessary for proper support. The Tulip table and chair represents Saarinen’s execution of his ideal €œorganic furniture€.


Black, Blue, Lime Green, Charcoal, Orange, Red